#10 Does Any of the Nickelodeon Cartoons Have a Finale?

April 5, 2010 at 4:40 am (Uncategorized)

Do you recall the humorous cartoons that were played on Nickelodeon within the 90’s? Their were endless number of well scripted animation but it seemed like after the first year or so they would just air re-runs constantly. I do not recall being informed when a new season began or ended by the network. In particular I recall the Angry Beavers series where it just played re-runs constantly, focusing on this show I found answers on why I never saw a finale.

Apparently, a huge controversy involving Angry Beavers first started in 1998, when “Alley Oops!”, contained the following lines;

Dag: "You stink!"

Norb: "Oh, shut up, Dag!"

When this episode was first televised , the “shut” in “shut up” was bleeped out. This action  generated more interest in the show by parents, as some felt that it had vulgar language in the dialog. However, between airings, Nickelodeon changed Norb’s line to “Shush up, stupid!” It was the first time any Nicktoon had a line changed between airings, which caused controversy with the creator.

Its final episode, “Bye Bye Beavers”, Norbert is informed that he’s part of a TV series that’s been canceled, and has to convince Daggett that they’re just characters on a TV show. Here is the auditory clip from that episode;

Micah Wright was a member of the production team on Angry Beavers, said that Nickelodeon was not pleased with the message because it made fun

By allowing this final episode to run it would have hurt Nickelodeon by deliberately attacking the network by poking fun of Nickelodeon’s choosing not to make new episodes and instead making money on the constant barrage of repeats. The creator concluded this due to the strict guidelines that a creator must follow including,  if your show was canceled, don’t mention in the last episode and restricted from making finales.

I am appalled by the way a large cartoon network such as Nickelodeon took advantage of the creator and causing controversy in fear of not being able take advantage of their hard work in using re-runs. I am sure if I looked into other shows from this network I would have a hard time finding a finale during this time.


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I commented on Myca Taylor and Gerald Thomas.



  1. lyverfive said,

    It seems a lot of kids shows are not big on announcing season changes to the show, or announcing in advance when the last episode would air. I remember Disney Channel doing something very similar. If you heard on a commercial for a Disney show that an upcoming episode was one not to be missed, I learned later that that was code for, the show has been cancelled. When was the last time I saw a rerun on those shows? I find it odd how kids will love to watch their favorite shows over and over again, yet when it comes to continuing a show or airing reruns that most networks would rather move on to the next big thing. I suppose one day shows like “angry beavers’ and other funny yet short lived cartoon shows will appear on boomerang network.

  2. balberry said,

    I used to love watching The Angry Beavers. I don’t see how the last episode would really have hurt Nickelodeon because they are a pretty successful network. If anything, it hurts the creator’s relationship with the network. Obviously, Nickelodeon doesn’t want to work with people who are going to lash out at them.

    Also, I would think that artists, in general, wouldn’t want to work with Nickelodeon because they couldn’t conclude their shows. I think the creator went about it wrongly because obviously he was upset it was canceled. I just think that future show creators would be discouraged

  3. bgw1088 said,

    I didn’t watch The Angry Beavers, very often, but I did watch it occasionally. I know how it feels when your favorite show ends, without a finale conclusion. Hey Arnold, ended the same way–even though there was a movie; it still didn’t end the series properly.

    I think it was rather, rude of Nickelodeon to just axe the show without a proper ending. The creator of The Angry Beavers should have gone to another network to finish or to begin new episodes. Anyways, I think it was a shame, that this show was canceled; it had great humor to it.

  4. uberbaldy said,

    As a child I never really took notice of this issue. I assumed, later on in life, that Nickelodeon, and other kid’s networks, simply assumed that kids attention spans were short enough that simply repeating episodes and slowly phasing out a series would be adequate to end a series. The series i do remember having watched till the very end had been on all throughout my childhood, such as the X-Men series of the early 90’s, and by the time they ended I felt I had grown beyond that show and therefore didn’t care that it ended.

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  7. cpocalyk said,

    I remember watching Angry Beavers when I was a kid, and I actually remember the whole “censored ‘Shut up!'” bit. Sadly, I think this was when Nickelodeon was starting to become way too PC for their own good (they were also meddling with the whole concept of kids being mauled in horrible ways on Invader Zim). That being said, I think another one of the reasons why Nick never showed this was because the creator made fun of Nickelodeon and their tactics (the whole part where Norb says that they’ll just keep playing their episodes ad nauseum and get money comes to mind), but that makes it even funnier because it’s true. Still, the audio has a bittersweet feeling to it, since I would’ve loved to see what it looked like with Norb and Daggett literally tearing apart the Fourth Wall.

  8. hallingham said,

    I feel like there were a bun of cartoons during that era such as Invader Zim, Rocco’s Modern Life, CatDog and RugRats that never had closure. I never thought about the closure of a cartoon until and now, and I really don’t know if when I was a child would want that. I think I found refuge in the fact that these cartoons would “never end” in my childhood memory, but I’m a sap….I get sad when finales happen to my favorite shows.

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